i love you. i’m always going to love you. to the end of my days, and beyond.


IF I STAY - Official Trailer
In Theaters August 22

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Mindy Kaling visits the Vogue Closet for a fitting (x)

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Justin Timberlake hides his tiny teeth from Jay-Z’s bigger and much more powerful teeth

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"Maybe you should cut him some slack sometimes."


people who exercise in order to get rid of period cramps are the ones surviving the apocalypse. 

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Zac Efron at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

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your blog is so perfect, i wanna marry it <3

aw thank you so much!! sometimes i feel like it’s a mess but i am also a mess so it’s a pretty good representation of me.

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A League of Their Own (USA, 1992)


i don’t even interpret “uwu” as a smiley i just read it as “oo woo”

“This game doesn’t take anything away from what we accomplished.”